Avery SWF – Matte Metallic – Brown

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Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film
– An easier, faster, more flexible way to
change the colour of your car.
Many drivers treat their cars as a high-speed form of self-expression and fleet vehicles look best with a uniform aesthetic. Custom paint colours can look fantastic, but they are also costly and time consuming. Avery Dennison’s Supreme Wrapping Film is a simple, fast and cost-effective way for drivers and businesses to accent, update or completely alter the appearance of a vehicle, while protecting the original paint from stone chips and “wear and tear”.
Avery Dennison’s Supreme Wrapping Film is a dual-layered Supercast film that incorporates colour, clear protective layers and a clear permanent Easy Apply RS™ adhesive to provide a durable and smooth, paint-like finish that fits like a second skin over any vehicle’s curves and contours.
• Superior Supercast vinyl
• Easy Apply RS™ permanent adhesive
• Excellent long term removability
• Superior conformability on concave, convex and compound curves
• Up to 10 years durability for standard gloss, matte and satin
• Up to 5 years durability for metallics, pearlescents, brushed, carbon fibre, Giovanna, Justin Pate and Diamond colours
• Up to 4 years durability for ColorFlow colours
• Up to 3 years durability for Chrome colours
Suitable Applications
• Full or partial vehicle wraps
• Cars, vans and trucks


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