Dcal is a premium supplier of high quality vinyl wraps and films, for use in the automotive and print industry.

Having started in 2006 as a small operation, Dcal is able to supply Australia wide, a wide range of materials, and top brands such as Avery, Hexis, Carlas, 3M etc.

Dcal imports and supplys high quality vinyl as well as offers car vinyl wrapping service in Melbourne.

Looking for a bargain? order online for cheap prices for overstock.

Looking for a specific colour? Then feel free to call 0478 496 999 during business hours to facilitate our full range catalogue being sent to you.

Got a project or idea on your mind? Give us a call to see how we can help you!

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DCAL offers industry leading OEM car wrapping Vinyl at a fraction of the RRP.

Looking to wrap an entire car, or something larger? We are offering Polymeric 5 year Hex Bubble Free Car Vinyl Wrap in Melbourne.

Working closely with Large Chinese Vinyl Manufacturers such as Carlas, Dan’s etc. Means that we are able to offer the latest colors and technology built into the vinyl to make installation easier.

Our Vinyl is designed specifically to withstand 5 years of outdoor life under harsh cold and hot conditions.