Installation Instructions

Please note: A high temperature heat gun is required for installation.

We do recommend that you keep the wax backing paper on, and only remove how much you need to to work specific areas at a time.

On larger flat surfaces such as bonnets, roofs and boots we do sell a spay on formula called Magic Apply which will aid with installation. This spray is used on the back of the vinyl itself and misted on the panel, this allows you to re-position the vinyl with all the backing paper removed.

Shipping Info

Please allow 5-10 business days for your items to arrive.

As we use road freight transport for the large 1.52m rolls and Aerosol Plasti Dip Cans.

If you require expedited air shipping for your vinyl, please contact us via the contact form.

We currently offer 2 different types of shipping for your Vinyl.

We are able to ship your vinyl by courier in a slim but long box to ensure your vinyl is not damaged. This is the best option as it will ensure your vinyl is rolled onto a core and shipped inside a carboard box.

Alternatively,  for smaller orders we’re able to fold the Vinyl into A3 size and post it in an envelope via Aus-Post. This option is only suited for orders of 2 metres or under.