4D Carbon Fibre – Black – Carlas

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Width: 1.52m

Please select length(metres) required.

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1.52m Wide
Price is Per Metre(L) X 1.52m(W)

Vinyl Wrap Sticker for cars/motorbike/laptops/mobile phones/wall surfaces /window / tables

Suitability: Interior or exterior of smooth surface such as vehicle body, smooth wall, cabinet surface, glass, plastic and metal, will not harm surfaces

Property: Air bubble release, water resistant, flexible and is able to conform and bend to curved shapes, Air release channels

Adhesive: Quality removable adhesive. Use light mist of water & soap for easy repositioning, no glue residue after removed

Size: 1.52m Wide

Material: PVC

Application: DIY

Tools Required: Plastic snap off blade, felt tipped squeegee

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1.52m(W) X 1m(L), 1.52m(W) X 2m(L), 1.52m(W) X 3m(L), 1.52m(W) X 4m(L), 1.52m(W) X 5m(L), 1.52m(W) X 10m(L), 1.52m(W) X 15m(L), 1.52m(W) X 20m(L), 1.52m(W) X 30m(L)


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